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LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP AWARD from Gymnastics Canada to
Marta Selmeczi
, St. Catharines, ON!

"Rhythmic Waves" is the creation of Marta Selmeczi's, who is one of the pioneers in both Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics in Ontario, as well as in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics!

Marta Selmeczi is completely unique in that she, as a coach, has been able to produce champions in three different branches of gymnastics: artistic, rhythmic and aesthetic!

These web pages were created to celebrate the achievements of her gymnasts - and those of their very special coach! Marta Selmeczi comes from Hungary, the country that produced Maria Patocska (below left), who participated in six RG World Championships from 1963 to 1973, where she placed 5th and reached three apparatus finals. Mrs. Selmeczi invited her to Canada in 1971 to give seminars and demonstrations to help the newly established "Canadian Federation of Modern Gymnastics" introduce Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics to Canada. Up until that time, RG in Canada was not the individual competitive sport that it later became, but group gymnastics aimed at fitness and performances.

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2018 - 2019 season


Basic, Developmental Gymnastics, Tumbling, Ball, Hoop, Ribbon. Offering 10 week semesters ending in early May. Low coach to gymnast ratio. Adult coaches.

The registration, valid for all semesters, is continuous until the classes are filled.

Location: Mother Teresa School, First St. Louth, St. Catharines. The program will start on September 26 at 6:30 p.m. 

Ages: 4 1/2 - 12 years (and interested young brothers under 7)
Fees for each 10-week session: first child: $55, second and third child, each $34.
As the Club is a member of the Ontario Gymnastics Federation, there is also once a year non-refundable registration and insurance fee of $21 for each child.

For information call Ernie Selmeczi at 905 682 6334.


The Club offers high quality "Rhythmic Group Gymnastics" program
performed to music in St. Catharines for ladies who are over 18 and
have a good background in gymnastics. No upper age limit.
It combines dance, gymnatics, rhythm and movements.

For details, please call Marta at 905-682-6334
or email us at

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